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May 28, 2014

BCL36 The Right Funding for Your Business
Watch our Live Show every Wednesday 6pm UK HERE on Business Connections Business Connections Live Programme 36 Broadcast 21st May 2014

Are you finding it difficult to attract the right funding for your business?

Want to know more about meeting investor requirements?

Conflicting headlines of economic growth vs banks not lending, and the self-employed facing financial crisis - confused?

On this edition of Business Connections Live TV we discuss techniques for accessing funding for your business, and what has happened to the funding landscape over the past 18 months. We discuss the growth accelerator, how to access funds and how to identify the right sources of funds for your business at the right time and the right price

Helene Panzarino is a highly successful and experienced business adviser and consultant. She specialises in the creative and innovative sectors and is an experienced business owner, advisor and funding facilitator, who has helped over 150 businesses access over £50m in past 18 months

Nominated for ITV Woman of the Year, prowess award for inspiring women in business. She has worked with some of the country's most successful independent jewellers, fashion companies and 'green' investors.

A serial entrepreneur herself, she has been part of and has sold a number of businesses over the past 25 years, and has been advising, guiding and inspiring owners and managers of smaller businesses in central and Greater London since 1999.

Helene also delivers training in financial forecasting and business plan writing, and spends a good deal of her time raising funds for clients.

The right Questions:

  • The right funding for your business
  • Preparing your Business for Finance
  • Being raw and realistic about your business and raising funds
  • What amount?
  • What type?
  • What mix?
  • Why would someone invest in your business - or why not?!
  • Get professional advice -- you should not do it all yourself!

Helene Panzarino has 30 years of experience as owner & adviser helping 1000s of businesses access funds & grow

Plugged into over 200 active sources of funds - debt, equity, platform, alternative, crowd, hnw

Understand your position and that of funders - able to help you get investment ready & ready to pitch

Understand how to grow a sustainable business - not short termism

Know when you need professional help & don't begrudge paying for it!

BCL36 The Right Funding for Your Business
Watch our Live Show every Wednesday 6pm UK HERE on Business Connections Business Connections Live Programme 36 Broadcast 21st May 2014