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Dec 29, 2014

BCL65 Time Management for Success

Watch our Live Show every Wednesday 6pm UK HERE on Business Connections LiveTime Management for Success and How to increase Productivity ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Tracey Carr Leadership expert, speaker, coach, serial entrepreneur explains the principles behind her cloud based personnel time management system. A great time management system that allows entrepreneurs to set goals and be more successful. Having spent 14 years coaching senior executives in large corporations, Tracey Carr has gained some unique insight into the challenges that highly successful people face in terms of achieving their long term gaols and dreams.

Time Management for Success and How to increase Productivity


She has also developed a global brand while bringing up 3 children as a single parent. She needed to be ruthless with her time and couldn't find any time management systems that worked for her so she developed her own. In the beginning she taught the system for a decade in Europe, Asia and USA in a seminar called The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women. Next she developed the system into a paper planner which people bought and liked. Finally, due to many requests over many years, she developed the system into software. The software is designed to mirror the way the brain works and will help to ensure that your daily activity is aligned to your goals. It also solves the problem of our time – reduces overwhelm and increases productivity. Find out how to FREE YOUR MIND and reach your dreams faster The philosophy of success is as follows 1. Create a compelling future with visualisation and vision boards 2. Know your WHY for this huge dream 3. Use Tracey’s proprietary SAW analysis to break the dream down into manageable steps 4. Record your goals according to your SAW analysis 5. Use a monthly compass to chart and check progress to the bigger plan 6. Make sure that you are analysing time and tasks for relevance to the bigger picture Turn a big dream into a realistic plan Learn how to chunk and set goals Learn why people fail and how not make that mistake Use a system for reducing overwhelm and staying on track Learn about highly effective time management Restore peace of mind into your busy life Business Connections Live Programme 64 Time Management for Success and How to increase Productivity This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel on YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 64. Broadcast 17th December 2014