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Oct 1, 2014

BCL54 How to make Mobile Apps for your Business
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Mobile app development and mobile websites allow your customers to find you and better engage with your brand on their preferred mobile device.

Businesses are no longer asking ‘Do I need app for my business?’, they are now asking ‘How do I get an app for my business?’. We all know that Apps are well and truly here to stay and it’s important to integrate mobile apps into our business strategies to reach our connected audience. But with so much talk of mobile Apps marketing and social media, where do you start? On tonight’s edition of Business Connections Live Bulent Osman, will help guide businesses on How to make Mobile Apps for your Business using a step by step approach.

Business Connections Live Programme 54 Broadcast 24th September 2014

What you need to do

1. Accept and embrace mobile into your business strategy

2. Plan your mobile strategy

3. Develop a mobile solution

4. Continue to develop and evolve your mobile strategy

What your trying to do

1. To get found on mobile devices

2. To better engage with your audience

3. To provide outstanding experiences

4. To generate loyalty with your audience

5. To open new revenue streams through mobile

Bulent Osman, Managing Director of The App Garden, who deliver multi-channel mobile solutions.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ How to make Mobile Apps for your Business ‬ 

Business Connections Live Programme 54 

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 54. Broadcast 24th September 2014